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[Website header image: The Elakala Falls in West Virginia, from Wikipedia]

Conversations about computation writ large,
with Michael Littman and Dave Ackley.

Dec 31, 2017

From evolution to proxy fitness to generalized drugs and back again.

[Title image combines a public domain CC0 book image plus a version of Ernst Haeckel's 'Tree of Life'...

Nov 18, 2017

Dave finds out how Michael ended up doing two TEDx talks in a month and a half.

[Title image using screengrabs from Michael's talks at TEDx Providence and TEDx...

Nov 4, 2017

Professor and author Melanie Mitchell discusses artificial intelligence with Dave.

[Title photograph courtesy of Melanie Mitchell]

Oct 19, 2017

The meaning of science, and engineering, and philosophy of science, and the ultimate physicality of all things including ideas.

[Title image based on Chalkboard in empty classroom licensed under CC-BY-2.0 by Thomas...

Sep 29, 2017

Emotions and reinforcement learning. Partly inspired by Eric Barker's recent discussion of emotional intelligence.

[Title background image: Happy robot and sad robot created, and placed in the public domain, by Lola...